Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Grip of the Jinhao x750 and Comparisons

Recently, after posting my review of the Jinhao x750, I was asked, via a thread on The Fountain Pen Network forum, where my fingers hold the pen on the grip section and, if such a grip were comfortable. This question raises a good point in regard to general pen design, because a long nib, as the x750 has, often forces the hand to grip the pen closer to the nib-end, in order to compensate for the extra length. What I found was that my own hand actually gripped the pen partially on the accent ring and partially on the grip itself. While this may sound like an awkward positioning, it seemed relatively comfortable to me. I thought that I should share my full reply, here:
"Because the grip was entirely cylindrical, as was that ring, I found it comfortable. It certainly was not awkward, as it might have been, had I been using a pen like a Lamy Safari with the triangular grip that near-on forces you to hold it on the grip itself. Likewise with the grip on the Jinhao/Bülow x450, where part of the grip is a set triangular, textured area. If that pen is not held on that area, there is some discomfort. An important extra point here is just how short the grip section on the x750 is, as compared to the Safari or the x450."
A photograph seemed the best way to show such a comparison. From left to right: Jinhao x750, Bülow x450, and Lamy Safari:

I hope that this also helps you to get a better feel for the Jinhao x750 and all that it offers! Please feel free to post comments or ask questions, below.

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  1. I find the Jinhao X750 very comfortable to hold. But, wow, isn't that nib humongous.