Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Swapping Nibs Between Pilot Pens - Part 2!

A month ago, I posted a guide, here, showing how to swap nibs between Pilot pens, as well as discussing the possible arrangements for certain nibs in certain pens. However, I only showed swaps between Pluminix/Plumix pens and Penmanships, as I did not have a Pilot Metropolitan at that time. My Metropolitan has how arrived, and I am pleased to show you a pictorial guide on using a medium italic or extra-fine nib in your Metropolitan. (If you care to see nib swapping with the Pilot Prera, check out Brian Goulet's post and videos, here.) Remember, the medium nib from the Metropolitan can also be used in the Pilot Pluminix, Plumix, and Penmanship.

From left to right (bottom to top), the Pilot Pluminix, Plumix, Penmanship, and Metropolitan - all with swappable nibs!

Begin by removing the caps of the pens.

Next, get a good grip on the nib and feed, together, and pull them straight out. If they are tight, some gentle twisting back and forth, as though you were trying to unscrew the nib and feed from the section, should help.

Remove the nib from the feed, place it on the feed of the desired pen, reinsert the nib and feed, and there you have it: A Metropolitan with a different nib (or any one of the other combinations).

Metropolitan with a Plumix's medium italic nib

Metropolitan with a Penmanship's extra-fine nib

For more information, I highly recommend reading my previously posted guide on swapping Pilot nibs. The steps with the Metropolitan are identical to those with the Pluminix, Plumix, and Metropolitan.

Enjoy! Please, feel free to post comments or questions below. Would anyone be interested in some writing samples and possible comparisons for the Metropolitan with varying nibs? Also, forgive any washout and strangeness of the pictures...I am using a different camera, and it is quite finicky with certain lighting.

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  1. Thanks for the heads-up. I like the Plumix as an everyday writer for class notes and the like. Unfortunately, that glorious italic nib (which I never thought I'd love so much until I tried it) isn't very practical for that. I'm going to swap them out and see if I still like it. BRB.

    OK tried it just now. If you're a dummy like me, don't forget to remove the cart/converter on the Metro, else the feed won't come off. D'oh! But the nibs work perfectly well on the switcheroo. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Thanks for the guide! I've only just aquired my first fountain pen, a humble Metro, and I was concerned with learning the ropes as to its care. This will help me a lot.

  3. Thanks so much for the tutorial. It is the first disscussion (that I could understand) that I could find. I have recently ordered a Pilot metropolitan, and am not sure what nib size I will want, so getting some other nibs to try out will be nice. Are nibs sold for these pens or do you have to buy the nibs by buying the pens?

    Thanks again for the tutorial!

    1. Hi Name goes here, unfortunately you do need to buy the nib by buying the pens, but with the low cost of the pens, it makes for a very affordable option to have the nib you want in the body you want.