Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tea Review Tuesday Bonus - A Review of Tea Forte's Tea Trays

A Review of Tea Forte's Tea Trays

As a bonus, I decided to post a review that is slightly related to the Tea Forte Cafe cup. I hope that it proves of interest to you all!

Through my use of the tea tray, I have come to determine that it is a wonderful product.
At first, the tea trays seem a bit frivolous. The question that initially came to my mind is "Why would anyone spend money on something created specifically to hold used tea bags, when they could just as easily use a small plate, or even just dispose of the tea bag straight away?"
So, determined to answer this question, I prepared myself some tea (Tea Forte's Orchid Vanilla, as the trays were clearly meant to be primarily used with Tea Forte pyramid bags).
Here were my findings:

Great things about the tea trays:
-They are small, thus conserving the space used on one's desk/table/etc. (This was especially helpful on my desk, which has a lot of papers and other items on it, and where a small plate for used tea bags would be a waste of space.)
-They provide a drip-free resting place in the chance that you want to save the tea bag for another steeping.
-The tea trays are aesthetically pleasing, making them great to give as gifts or to add a bit of decoration at tea time.
-The size of the tea trays is such that they could just as easily be used with other tea bags as drip trays.
-The construction is really solid. These trays are not going to break easily if they are accidentally dropped.

Not so great things (that might not matter) about the tea trays:
-These trays really are not so special and innovative that one would go out and buy them to complete one's collection of teaware.
-The shallow indentation in the tray was not deep enough, and the excess liquid in my teabag ended up overflowing the lip of the tray's depression. (I may not have let the tea bag drip-off for long enough.)
-Because of the shallow indentation, when I picked up the tray to drain it and clean it, the smallest tilt caused tea to run off the edge.

The Tea Forte Tea Trays can be purchased from their website, here.
Photo credit to Tea Forte.
This review was unsolicited and uncompensated.

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