A Hero-ic Endeavor

A Hero-ic Endeavor - My Attempt at a Collection

Some of you may recall that I previously mentioned my great enjoyment of the products of the former Shanghai Hero Pen Company. In fact, Hero pens are probably the only brand of pen that I specifically "collect." In my quest to collect each of the existing models of Hero pens, I have learned a lot about the construction, quality, usage, and history of these inexpensive, yet popular, Chinese fountain pens.

Part of the intent in writing this post was to create a listing of sorts for all of the future review posts of Hero pens. I will endeavor to keep the list, found below, up to date, as new reviews of Hero pens are posted. The other portion of reasoning for creating this post was simply to post pictures of pens made by the Shanghai Hero Pen Company. Eventually, I may add a section on the history that I have learned or a link to a post on such a topic. If you have further ideas, regarding this endeavor, please feel free to share them!

List of current Hero reviews:
List of current Wing Sung reviews:
List of Hero-related posts:

Some of this information comes from the original post, entitled "A Hero-ic Endeavor - My Attempt at a Collection." Updates will henceforth occur on this page, rather than that post.