Thursday, January 24, 2013

Coming soon...the Pilot Metropolitan and new tea content

Now that I finally have had a good long chance to try out my Pilot Metropolitan, I will be posting my review very soon, as well as my thoughts on the use of a medium stub nib with the Metropolitan. (The original nib is a medium round.) As a teaser...using this pen has almost convinced me that it should be the de facto "starter fountain pen," rather than the Lamy Safari. (This is saying something big, since I loved the Lamy Safari. My review is here.) Look for my review of the Metropolitan in the next several days!

On another note, I think that my guide to getting started with tea needs to be expanded and updated. For those who have read the guide (parts one and two are posted here and here, respectively), what would you like to see included or improved? Pictures, specific examples, or comparisons, perhaps? Maybe even a discussion on health benefits? For those who have not yet read it, whether beginner or advanced tea drinkers, what questions come to your minds that you would like to see answered? (Of course, I also recommend giving the guide a read!)

I have a great deal of fountain pens and other related paraphernalia to review, and I look forward to providing more content for all of you in the days to come. Suggestions for posts that you would like to see are always appreciated! This blog is for you, the reader.

Build, write, and drink well!


  1. Here in the UK, I think the Safari is safe for the time being. RRP on the Metropolitan is £10 more than the Safari here, and street price is around £7 more!

    At US prices ($14 - $15, from what I could see) the Metropolitan must be pretty tempting though, especially given the good reviews it's getting.

    1. And, on top of that, I got mine on sale for about $13!

  2. Pictures and specific examples of various types of tea would be great! If you were to do just one type of tea in your posts, you could certainly include some things on health benefits and history and other interesting facts of each tea as well. When I get into that class about tea I'm taking next month, I'll let you know if I have any more ideas.