Friday, January 25, 2013

Plans for new content - tea and ink!

Hello, readers! I promised new tea content, and it shall be forthcoming. Starting this coming Tuesday, I shall provide a tea review for you, giving all my thoughts on the various aspects of what I am drinking. Does anyone have any ideas for clever titles for these posts (possibly something better than my idea: Tea Review Tuesday)?

In addition, since ink is such an integral part of this blog, and of the fountain pen user experience, Thursdays will have me providing a review or thoughts on inks, both old and new. Ideas for clever titles, here, are also welcome.

In closing, I wanted to provide you with this random picture of a Lego dwarf, attempting to climb inside my teacup from this morning. Enjoy!


  1. Tea Tasting Tuesday is another idea, if you like the alliteration.

    Ink Blot could be a fun name for the Thursday ink reviews, though it may be too close to Goulet's Ink Drop. You could also play off other words for ink, like pigment or dye, something like that.