Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tea Review Tuesday - A Review of Canton Tea Co's Jasmine Pearls Green Tea

A Review of Canton Tea Co's Jasmine Pearls Green Tea

For this review, I decided to brew this tea using a two-cup glass teapot. Canton Tea Co's website suggests using 1 tsp of pearls per cup, which is difficult to estimate using pearls, so I believe I added about 35-40 of the small pearls to the teapot. Continuing to follow the directions, I steeped the pearls about three minutes, stopping to taste the tea after two minutes (the website had recommended 2-3 minutes). After two minutes, the taste really was not very far developed, but I could already tell that this was one very sweet tea.
With the dry pearls, one could very much smell the jasmine, yet the scent was not overpowering, nor was it almost sickly-sweet, as some teas are that contain jasmine. The aroma of the brewed tea was even less bold and had an even softer nose, with only faint hints of jasmine.
Upon taking the first big sip, the tea flow smooth and thick across the tongue, and the fruity sweet taste of jasmine infiltrated my entire mouth. If a flower could be described as being delicious, this would be the epitome of such a description. The amount of jasmine is enough to lend great character to the tea, while not completely dominating it.
The website recommends steeping this for at least three separate infusions. I most certainly shall.
On my personal enjoyment scale, I rate this tea an 85/100.

Canton Tea Co's Jasmine Pearls can be purchased from their website, here.
Photo credit to Canton Tea Co.
This review was unsolicited and uncompensated.

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