Friday, March 22, 2013

Anti-decanting in Action!

Not long ago, I spoke about the freshness of tea and provided some tips by which one could keep their teas tasting better for a longer period of time. In that article, I mentioned the downfalls of buying in bulk, followed by telling of the implementation of "anti-decanting" in my tea collection.

"Anti-decanting" is a process by which one takes a portion of tea from a larger container and stores it in a smaller container for regular use. So named for mimicking the way in which wine is decanted, "anti-decanting" actually serves the opposite purpose of decanting wine - it keeps the tea away from air, as much as possible, rather than exposing it.

For me, small bags with tight seals, as well as small Tupperware containers, make excellent "anti-decanters." What kinds of storage do you use?

As always, comments or questions are more than welcome. Happy "anti-decanting" and tea drinking!

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