Monday, December 3, 2012

An Update on Platinum Preppy Nib Coatings

As you may recall, I wrote a post in November about the colored coating on the nib of my Platinum Preppy, and how it was beginning to flake off the metal nib. One reader responded with this information about the nib flaking, which I felt I should pass on to all of you:

This happened to me as well, though in a much shorter amount of time. The coating seemed to soften when in contact with ink. As the coating softened the nib creep got worse, which softened the coating more. Eventually I peeled most of it off the top and now there is no nib creep. I emailed someone at Platinum saying that I was worried that pieces of the coating would clog the nib and they responded that the coating would dissolve in the ink. Which would also explain why it peeled in the first place.

I certainly hope that Platinum develops a method by which this flaking may be remedied. The Preppys truly are great, inexpensive pens, and the colored coating is a great part of the draw to them.


  1. From my experience this seems to vary based on the color of the pen. My blue (fine) which I've only had for a couple of months, shows the flaking you mention. My older yellow (medium), hasn't had any color flaking off at all. I really don't have an explanation for the variation though.

    1. Perhaps it does. I have two blacks that have never had this issue. Though, I have noticed that the flaking has not gotten worse since I started leaving the blue-black pen on my desk, rather than carrying it daily. I do not think as that would be a correlation, though.