Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Unconventional Tea Reviews - A Review of Monster Rehab: Peach Tea + Energy

Back in 2013, I reviewed to Monster energy drinks as a part of my series of Unconventional Tea Reviews. First was the Monster Rehab: Rojo Tea + Energy, an energy drink that of all things combined rooibos with a bit of black tea, their energy blend, and...cranberry, which dominated the flavors. (You can read my review, here.) Then, I tried Monster Rehab: Tea + Orangeade + Energy, which was surprisingly smooth and lacked the intense tang or sour flavors of a lot of orange beverages. (You can read my review, here.) Today, I have for you the next Unconventional Tea Review - a review of Monster Rehab: Peach Tea + Energy.

What has Monster added to their energy blend this time? Black tea and peach juice concentrate! Given that the can says this contains 3% juice, I wonder just how much tea it contains. Pouring it into a glass, I can certainly smell the peach. The aroma reminds me of the liquid in which canned peaches are packed. There is a scent present, too, that I think might be black tea, but I am not sure. It smells vaguely like the sharpness of tea (probably a Ceylon blend).

Flavor-wise, I should note that this is not a carbonated beverage. While I have tried sparkling tea drinks before, I find that the tea flavors must be very strong in order to compete with the carbonation. Thus, Monster made a good choice in not carbonating this Rehab. The peach flavors are strong, but thankfully are not as sweet as a syrup. They do actually taste smooth and juicy. I can taste the tea, albeit not very prominently. This drink somewhat reminds me of a peach sweet tea from the south eastern United States.

Monster Rehab: Peach Tea + Energy goes down very smooth and crisp. The lingering aftertaste is of peaches and does not feel cloying with sweetness. I never felt as though any of the flavors in the drink were too intense or overbearing. I did find it interesting that this beverage contains coconut water, but I think the intention there was to assist in the re-hydrating for which they promote this drink. If you like peaches and energy drinks, give this a try!

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Monster Rehab: Peach Tea + Energy is often available at supermarkets and convenience stores in the United States.
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