Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Unconventional Tea Reviews - A Review of Monster Rehab: Tea + Orangeade + Energy

In reviewing the second of these tea-infused Monster energy drinks, the thought came to my mind that it certainly would be nice, if they had come up with a more unique title for each one. "Monster Rehab" is a fine title for the series, but when the name of their drink is essentially a listing of the major flavors and/or ingredients, someone in Monster's marketing department needs to take a second look at the name of each drink.

That being said, none of you came here to listen to a ramble on the naming of Monster energy does this beverage taste? First, just like Monster Rehab: Rojo Tea + Energy, this one is non-carbonated, a choice that I feel enhances the flavors of the beverage. As for those flavors, well, it tastes a lot like orange soda.

Unlike sipping an orange juice or one of the numerous, synthetic orange juice offsprings (Tampico Punch, Tang, etc.), this Monster's orange flavor has relatively low levels of tangy-ness or sourness. This in turn smooths the flavor of the beverage and makes it more drinkable. (I am not certain, if it is actually less acidic than an orange juice, or if it merely tastes that way.)

The tea portion of this Monster contains a brewed black tea. Tea lovers, do not come looking for tea in this beverage. I found the tea flavors to be very minor, and they reside mostly in the aftertaste.

If you enjoy pouring your Monster beverages in a cup, perhaps over ice, prepare yourself to not be impressed by the coloring, here. In fact, upon emptying this can into a glass, I was greeted with a liquid, which had the appearance of muddy, orange water - not at all visually appealing. That being said, I am sure that most consumers of this drink probably leave it in the can.

In conclusion, while I am glad that I had the chance to try this drink in the Monster Rehab series, I am further looking forward to trying the others. This one did not have bad flavor, and it would certainly appeal to those, who enjoy orange soda. That being said, Monster Rehab: Tea + Orangeade + Energy was simply "not my cup of tea."

Be sure to check out my first review of a Monster Rehab energy drink, where I take a look at Rojo Tea + Energy! I welcome your thoughts, comments, and questions, below.

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