Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fountain Pen Day 2013 Is Coming!

Hello everyone!

Some travels recently have kept me from more extensive posts (there are Lego book and fountain pen reviews in the pipeline, I promise!) However, I had to take this opportunity to tell you about Fountain Pen Day!

Traditionally, Fountain Pen Day is the first Friday of every November, which means that, this year, it falls on Friday, November 1, 2013 - soon! This year marks the second of this annual tradition, and we hope that it will be as successful as last year.

What is Fountain Pen Day? Simply put, Fountain Pen Day involves "Taking a day to embrace, promote, and share fountain pens and the handwritten arts." Do you prefer a dip pen over a fountain pen? No problem! Even ballpoint users can celebrate the art of handwriting (we will not shun you!)! So, how can you celebrate? Write letters, share pens, tell other people about pens, and impart to them the joys of writing things by hand!

In all of this, you all will benefit! A number of vendors have chosen to help celebrate the day by sponsoring Fountain Pen Day. The official sponsor list also keeps a list of those sponsors, who are having store specials on or around Fountain Pen Day. Check them out, here!

Additionally, there may be some special Fountain Pen Day goodness coming from Built from Ink and for it!

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  1. Really, first Friday of every November is Fountain pen day?? Fast time i get to know that there is one day to celebrate,for Fountain pen..It's really very interesting and also very good to celebrate for promoting fountain pens for sale.