Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Unconventional Tea Reviews - A Review of Monster Rehab: Tea + Lemonade + Energy

Here we have another entry in the Unconventional Tea Reviews category. This time, Monster has crafted another of their Monster Rehab blends, intended to give you energy and hydration at the same time. I have to admit, the color this pours is probably the least attractive thing about it, but given that most folks probably drink it from the can, what is that experience like?

To start, the description of Monster Rehab: Tea + Lemonade + Energy sounds like Monster took inspiration from the classic Arnold Palmer recipe (iced tea and lemonade). I am personally not very familiar with the Arnold Palmer drink, but I did find it interesting that it is usually comprised of three parts unsweetened tea to one part lemonade, and there is a variant wherein the ratio is one part tea to one part lemonade (called a Half & Half). While it is not clear just what ratio Monster used, the drink smells pretty even, the lemonade aroma blending with a light black tea scent. Of course, also included is Monster's energy blend, which does lend its own juiciness to the aroma.

The flavors combine a really smooth lemonade with a noticeable amount of black tea. As I usually feel with these drinks, it could use a bit more tea flavor in my opinion. That said, I also appreciated that the lemonade did not seem overly sweet. The tartness was subdued and not strong enough to pucker the mouth. Overall, I found Monster Rehab: Tea + Lemonade + Energy to be an enjoyable drink, an energized and refresh homage to summertime lemonade and an intense variant to blended tea beverages.

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Monster Rehab: Tea + Lemonade + Energy is often available at supermarkets and convenience stores in the United States.
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