Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Unconventional Tea Reviews - A Review of Monster Rehab: Tea + Pink Lemonade + Energy

In my personal, albeit limited, experience with pink lemonade, never once did I hear or read just what it is that makes pink lemonade pink in color. So, when I had the can of Monster Rehab: Tea + Pink Lemonade + Energy in my hand, I wanted to finally research this and then compare with what Monster did in crafting this beverage. From what I learned, pink lemonade usually results from the lemonade being colored by some red fruit (such as raspberries, cranberries, or strawberries)...or red food coloring. My research suggested that the additions were more for the color than for any modification of flavor, but there seemed to be no general consensus on making pink lemonade.

From the side of the Monster can, it can be hard to tell just what their story is. The list of ingredients does clearly state that purple sweet potato extract is used for coloring (which sounds better than using red food dye!). However, Monster also keeps things hidden with an ingredient listed as "Natural Flavor," so it is possible that we are getting additional fruit in the mix, too. I have to assume this is the case and that this Monster Rehab is not just a recolored version of the Monster Rehab: Tea + Lemonade + Energy that I reviewed last week!

As I smell the beverage from the open cup, I continue to wonder, if it is flavored with some sort of berry. There is a tartness present, which could be cranberry...or it could just be the citrus aspect of the lemonade. The color definitely makes this more attractive-looking than the Monster Rehab: Tea + Lemonade + Energy. But how does it taste?

Whatever the additions might be, Monster Rehab: Tea + Pink Lemonade + Energy definitely brings something different than its non-pink counterpart. The flavor definitely tastes more tart to me. The tartness is juicy, and it sits on the back of the mouth and tongue, reminding you of the flavor even after the swallow. The whole of the drink has a disappointing "thinness" or "wateriness" to the taste, which led me to notice something else: It seems to me that the tea flavors are much more subdued in this Monster Rehab than in the non-pink lemonade version.

Of course, the difference in the amount of tea flavor between Monster Rehab: Tea + Pink Lemonade + Energy and Monster Rehab: Tea + Lemonade + Energy could be good, depending on your preference. If you like pink lemonade and prefer less tea, give Monster Rehab: Tea + Pink Lemonade + Energy a try. The lesser amount of tea really is a small difference and fairly relative, given the other flavors that comprise the drink. Otherwise, if an Arnold Palmer is more your tea and lemonade drink of preference, I recommend Monster Rehab: Tea + Lemonade + Energy for a new blend of energy.

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Monster Rehab: Tea + Pink Lemonade + Energy is often available at supermarkets and convenience stores in the United States.
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