Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Unchanging Tastes

Several days ago, I was running errands in my city's downtown. The morning was chill, and, as I passed by a Peet's Coffee & Tea, I decided to stop and get a drink. Noticing their winter seasonal offerings, the Winter Solstice blend caught my eye. A mixture of black tea, vanilla, and spices, it sounded very tasty and like the perfect cup for that morning. After placing my order and receiving my beverage, I continued with my errands.

An hour later, I was enamored with the flavors of the Winter Solstice. They were so enjoyable that I returned to the shop and purchased a tin of the tea in loose leaf. Happy with my purchase, I carried on with my day.

At home, I eagerly opened Steepster to log my purchase in my inventory and to record my thoughts on the tea. Much to my surprise, I found that I had already tried this tea, once, two years prior. Just as now, I had loved it! Rediscovering old favorites often provides an interesting look at past tastes and how they have changed...or not changed.

If the Winter Solstice blend sounds appealing, I highly suggest that you try it. It can be purchased in loose leaf or bagged form from your local Peet's or from their website, here. (This is an entirely unsolicited recommendation.)



  1. No Peet's in Modesto *sadface* though there is one is Stockton

    1. I feel that it is entirely worth it, if you happen to be in that area.