Sunday, November 18, 2012

Platinum Preppy Nib Flaking

As was typical, I was looking into modifying my Platinum Preppy, long before the review was properly completed (a post that will be coming soon). After only a month of use, albeit very heavy use, I saw that that colored coating on the nib, which makes the Preppy iconic, was beginning to flake.

It has not affected the quality of the writing, but I felt that the flaking was strange, as I do not put any undue pressure on the nib. That said, it does not seem as though even the roughness of daily pocket-carrying would or should cause this to happen. 

It is unfortunate that this happened. Now that this Preppy has been converted to an eyedropper, it will remain safely at home, hopefully free of further flaking. Has anyone else had this same "problem?"


  1. This happened to me as well, though in a much shorter amount of time. The coating seemed to soften when in contact with ink. As the coating softened the nib creep got worse, which softened the coating more. Eventually I peeled most of it off the top and now there is no nib creep. I emailed someone at Platinum saying that I was worried that pieces of the coating would clog the nib and they responded that the coating would dissolve in the ink. Which would also explain why it peeled in the first place.

    1. Thanks for the information and the research! It really is too bad that Platinum cannot find a better method for coating their nibs, preferably one that does not involve "designing them to fail," so to speak, at least insofar as the appearances are concerned.