Monday, November 12, 2012

A Review of the Noodler's Piston-fill Resin Fountain Pen

First Impressions (8)
This pen looks slick! For a pen that only costs $14 retail, it looks and feel as though the construction is solid and quality. There are so many threads that can be seen through the clear body, the only non-threaded bit is the ink chamber!

Appearance (8)
Except for the metal nib and chrome accents on the section, cap, and clip, the pen is entirely clear. The metal does accent the transparent body. The pen appears thin, slim, and classy.

Design/Size/Weight (9)
The cap of this pen screws on to the section with narrow threads that hold it tight. The pen’s clip appears thin, yet solid. Despite the light weight of the pen, it feels like a firm tool in my hand.

Nib (8)
The medium nib actually seems to tend toward a fine. It is moderately smooth and has a good bit of variation in the width, depending on the angle at which it is held.

Filling System (10)
The piston filling system is incredibly easy to use. Screwing back the piston away from the body, it moves smoothly and fills with a single twist back to the body. The ink capacity, too, is large and excellent. As an alternative to using the piston-filler, the nib and feed may be removed, and the pen may be filled with a syringe.

Cost and Value (10)
The build of this pen is more than worth the $14. Enough said.

Conclusion (9)
I personally love demonstrators, and this probably endears this pen to me further than if it were another color or opaque. This is definitely an excellent investment.
NOTE: As I actually purchased this pen used, the ink chamber is a bit darkened/stained.
EDIT (On December 5, 2012): I fear I must amend my comments, a bit, on the Noodler's Piston-Fill Resin fountain pen...I have been primarily using it for taking notes and short bursts. Today, I had an exam that was entirely handwritten. Half an hour into the exam, using this pen, I found that the slimness of the grip was becoming a bit uncomfortable, so I opted to switch to a Lamy Safari. This is really the first and only issue I have had. For those with small to medium hand sizes, this pen should pose no problems for extended writing trials.

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