Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Review of Noodler's Nib Creaper Piston-Fill Rollerball Pen

First Impressions (8)
Not a bad looking pen, but it is nothing fancy. The ink capacity looks to be quite large, and I like that it is a piston-fill.

Appearance (9)
Upon closer inspection, I realize that this pen really is classier than it initially appeared. The simplicity of the design actually lends beauty to the pen, and its smooth lines give this pen a feeling of greater cost than it actually is.

Design/Size/Weight (9)
The pen itself is quite lightweight, even when fully filled. The cap screws on (much appreciated), and the clip is thin and strong. The grip of the pen is a hard, black plastic (quite the contrast to the transparent remainder of the body). The blind cap over the piston grip fits well with the body.

Nib (7)
The tip of this rollerball is a nice fine point and quite smooth. I would say that it is less scratchy than the Platinum Preppy rollerball.

EDIT: After some time of use, I have found that the tip will leak ink in large drops, possibly on account of changes in the weather, even when the pen is sitting on a desk and more than half full. The nib score has been lowered from a 9, and the Conclusion score has been lowered from a 9.

Filling System (9)
With a large ink capacity and a nicely-hidden piston-filling system, this pen fills very easily, drawing ink into the chamber from all around the nib.

Cost and Value (9)
For $14 retail, this pen appears to be a worthy workhorse that will serve its user well with many hours of smooth writing. Plus, using a refillable rollerball is quite a bit more cost effective than purchasing disposable pens.

Conclusion (8)
Overall, this is the best fountain pen rollerball I have yet used. This is not saying much, as I have only the Platinum Preppy to which to compare it, but it will definitely hold a special place in my daily carries for quite some time.
While my initial impression was not high, I believe this pens un-presumptuous nature increases its attractiveness.
EDIT: If it were not for the nib leaking issue, this pen would be nearly perfect.

This pen may be purchase from Amazon, here, or from the Goulet Pen Company, here.

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