Sunday, November 18, 2012

Platinum Preppy Eyedropper Conversion

This is a semi-detailed guide on how to perform an eyedropper conversion on a Platinum Preppy! If you have already read my previous guide, performing an eyedropper conversion on a Pilot Penmanship, much of this information will be redundant, as the two guides are nearly the same. The other may be more detailed than this one, but, as always, questions submitted through the sidebar or the comment box will be answered as best I can!
To start, collect your materials. In the photo above, I have my Platinum Preppy, semi-cleaned (a full cleaning is a good idea, if it has already been used), my o-rings (link will take you to the purchase page), silicone grease for sealing, and a syringe for filling the converted pen. I have also chosen ink, Diamine Blue-black.
If you have not done so already, go ahead and disassemble your Platinum Preppy.
Take a single o-ring and fit it onto the section.
Roll the o-ring across the threads until it is flush with the larger, grip portion of the section.
Add a very thin coating of silicone grease to the threads for an increased seal.
Using a syringe or eyedropper, fill the body of the pen with ink to just below the threads. The Platinum Preppy has a sealed body with no holes, but on some pens there may be a hole in the end of the body, which will need to be sealed in order to convert it to an eyedropper-filled pen.
Note: The approximate ink capacity of the converted Preppy will be 3ml.
Carefully screw the section and body together, and the eyedropper conversion is complete! Ink should start flowing within a short frame of time.
Congratulations on successfully completing the Platinum Preppy Eyedropper Conversion! I must include a shameless plug (for which I am not being compensated), here, for those who are interested in buying and converting a Platinum Preppy. The Goulet Pen Company (to whom I have no affiliation) sells a combination package that contains everything you need to convert a Platinum Preppy to an eyedropper (one Preppy, silicone grease, o-rings, and syringes for filling). These components are all usable for multiple conversions (except the single pen). Having extra o-rings and silicone grease for refurbishing your conversion is never a bad idea. As this package price is discounted from buying these components separately, it is truly a great deal, and it can be purchased here. I, personally, purchased all of my components separately, but this comprehensive kit would be perfect for someone new to conversions!
Please, feel free to leave comments or questions below. Enjoy!

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