Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tea Review Tuesday - A Review of Shepherd's Tea's Cranberry Orange Rooibos

You may recall that this is not the first time I have reviewed a cranberry orange rooibos. Last year, we looked at a cranberry blood orange rooibos by The Boston Tea Company. It was good, but I must admit that cranberry is far from my favorite flavor in tea. I will admit that it can have great impact on the juiciness of a fruit blend, especially where rooibos is involved.

The name of this tea brings to mind memories of Christmas fruit cake. I have to say that I would love to try a fruit cake-flavored tea...but we digress.

I have commented in the past on the uniqueness of Shepherd's Tea and how they include Bible verses on the paper tab of each teabag. We need not derail the review, though I nod to the originality of the idea. Out of its packaging, this tea almost smells like a spiced cider, such as one might find around the holidays. Adding the bag to a cup of freshly boiled water releases the aroma of much orange peel and perhaps a few other spices.

Giving the tea five minutes to steep, I enjoy the warm scents wafting from the cup. There is a certain tang, from the cranberry, more than likely, that arises from this brew. Too hot to drink immediately, I wait a few moments for the liquid to cool slightly. The flavor is intriguing. While the cranberry and orange tastes do not seem overwhelmingly strong, the flavor of the rooibos itself certainly takes a backseat to the fruits. The certain spiciness that was quite apparent in the aroma has also found a subdued place within the flavor of the brew.

While this cup relaxes and satisfies, I feel as though something is missing from it. The flavors are all in place and taste great, but it seems as though this tea ought to be more bold than it is now. On my personal enjoyment scale, I give it an 80/100.

Photo credit to Shepherd's Tea.
Shepherd's Tea's Cranberry Orange Rooibos can be purchase from their website, here.
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