Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tea Review Tuesday - Shepherd's Tea's Peach White Tea

I must admit that I love the smell of peach teas. This peach white tea is no exception. After removing the teabag from the plastic packaging, the whiff of peaches hits my nose, and I inhale deeply, enjoying the, thankfully, not-perfume-y aroma of fresh peaches. 

Heating some water to the proper temperature for white tea (not near boiling, as the website for this tea suggests, I take a look at the packaging. Relatively simple with little flair or flash, each teabag tag has a Bible verse on it. While this may work well for serving tea at church luncheons, my past experience has suggested that such teas are more novel than actual quality. Hopefully, this one will not be the same!

Four minutes of steeping, as per the website's suggestion, provides an aromatic cup that smells much less strongly of peaches than did the dry, bagged leaves. The smell of white tea blends with the smell of peaches and actually complements it quite nicely. I found the taste of this tea interesting. It is quite crisp and clean, again hinting that the peach flavor is not overwhelming the flavor of the white tea. That in and of itself definitely gets major bonus points from me. 

This is one peach white tea that I will certainly be recommending, especially to people who still enjoy using teabags. On my personal enjoyment scale, I would give it an 83/100.

Photo credit to Shepherd's Tea.
Shepherd's Tea's Peach White Tea can be purchase from their website, here.
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