Sunday, June 1, 2014

TWSBI Updates - Micarta Discontinuation and 580RB Availability!

Hi folks - just a quick TWSBI update of some information I recently learned.

TWSBI Micarta and accompanying notebook
The TWSBI Micarta, now in its second version, is being discontinued. While these are still available for sale, various places, TWSBI will be ceasing the manufacture of these very unique pens. Specific reasons are unknown, but it may be to "make room" for the wood-bodied pen that TWSBI has teased as in-the-works.

Finally, the brand-new TWSBI Diamond 580RB is now available from the official TWSBI website and their Amazon store.

Essentially a re-release of their limited edition pen from 2011, the Diamond 540 ROC 100, the new Diamond 580RB uses their improved Diamond 580 as the base, while adding the special red cap and section, blue piston knob, and ROC cap jewel. TWSBI has confirmed that this will be a limited edition pen, but the exact limited number is unknown. A first run of these pens will be available through the TWSBI sites, while a second run at a later date will be available through authorized retailers.

Photo credit to TWSBI.

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