Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Search for the New Lavender Purple

While perhaps not as famous as Montblanc British Racing Green ink, Montblanc Lavender Purple nonetheless was prized by many... (Click the photos below to see the larger versions.)

While this by no means concludes the search for a suitable replacement for Montblanc Lavender Purple ink, none of the Noodler's Ink shades provided perfect or near-perfect matches. Among those tested inks were beautiful colors, but none were quite so rich as Montblanc Lavender Purple. What do you, the reader, find to be a good substitute?

This scan was done on an HP Deskjet F4280 at 600dpi.
Note: Because these scans are done with a light emitting printer, actual colors will, more likely than not, be slightly darker than they may appear, here. The colors shown, here, are probably a bit more reminiscent of what the ink would be like under a bright light or if it were held up and viewed with a light behind it.

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