Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tea Review Tuesday - A Review of Mighty Leaf Tea's Chamomile Citrus Herbal Blend

I really enjoy chamomile. It is one of the few beverages that I can drink at night and have it actually help my sleep, rather than hinder it with caffeine. Having been around teas for a very long time, I have already made the mistake of calling things, like chamomile, teas. Therefore, I am here today to save you all from this same mistake. Cue canned audience clapping. In short, chamomile, and any sort of herb or plant infusion is called a "tisane." The term "herbal tea" is a misnomer, as most "herbal teas" do not contain actual tea.

Moving on from the semantics lesson, here we have Mighty Leaf Tea's delicious-smelling blend of chamomile, mint, orange peel, and several different flowers. Like many of Mighty Leaf Tea's offerings, this mix came in a large sachet for what they deem to improve the steeping of the ingredients. The dry ingredients smell predominantly of mint - not an unpleasant aroma, given that mint tends to be quite relaxing, and I am drinking this and then heading off to bed.

Mighty Leaf Tea recommends steeping this tea for five minutes, though because of the composition, if one were to accidentally (or intentionally) leave this tea for a longer period of time, no harm would be done or unpleasant flavors gained. My five minutes of waiting being over, I move on to breathe in the succulent aroma...of oranges. The oranges have taken precedence in the scent of this brew! Hints of the other ingredients are present, though more subtle.

On to the drinking! In the flavor, the flowers and the orange peel are at the forefront. The orange is more of an undertone, while flowers and the ever-present strains of chamomile tantalize the taste buds. If one is looking for a simple cup of relaxation, this may not be the blend to which to turn. On the other hand, if a fun drink with lots of flavor and no caffeine is desired, look no further. I thought it to be a definitely tasty brew and would rate it at an 83/100 on my personal enjoyment scale.

This herbal blend may be acquired from Mighty Leaf's website, here.
Photo credit to Mighty Leaf Tea.
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  1. Lovely blog! Found you from the Andeson's blog. I love tea, stamping and am learning about fountain pens, so enjoyed reading here this morning. Mighty leaf is one of my favorites,especially their Earl Grey. Will check this one!