Monday, March 24, 2014

Furrow Books Comes "Plowing" into Kickstarter!

Good morning, readers! This morning, I want to share with you another great Kickstarter by a man, who is performing revolutionary work in the realm of notebooks: Mr. Aaron Zeller (of Zeller Writing Company Fame) and his project, Furrow Books.

The concept of Furrow Books revolves around the idea that not everyone wants horizontal lines, vertical lines, grids, dot grids, plus grids, or other pre-determined layouts on their notebook pages. Additionally, having those layouts on the page can often be limiting, when it comes to preferring a different layout for different pieces of content within the notebook (e.g. boxes for storyboarding, lines for journaling, grids for architectural sketching).

Furrow Books strives to solve for all of the above dilemmas. Gone will be the need for multiple notebooks, due to different internal layouts. (Using multiple notebooks is always still an option!) With a dual-purpose lined and ruled card that slips behind the page on which one is writing/sketching/doodling/marking, lines for guidance are immediately present for as long as they are needed. The below graphic from the Kickstarter illustrates the process:

This project makes a great point in that the pre-printed lines in notebooks, regardless of the layout, really do not serve much purpose, once the writing/sketching/doodling/marking is complete. In my own personal correspondence, I find that an unlined piece of paper with writing on it looks so much more clean than a lined sheet with writing. However, I have issues writing in straight lines, and my words start to go at angles to the page. For that reason, I use a lined sheet behind my blank piece of paper, which serves to keep my lines of writing straight yet is removable, when I finish with that page. Furrow Books has taken the same concept; improved it by making it sturdier, more portable, and more versatile in its options; and created this brilliant project.

For this initial Kickstarter, Aaron Zeller has crafted two different sizes of notebooks to span preferences.

The various levels for backing include a variety of combinations for numbers and sizes of notebooks. Plus, in the pocket size, a special edition has been created, inspired by the Kickstarter colors, hand-numbered, and only available for a limited time!

I highly urge you to take a look at Furrow Books and provide them with your support. This endeavor is certain to go beyond Kickstarter, and I look forward to seeing what other notebook styles and card templates are developed in the future! The Furrow Books Kickstarter may be found by clicking this link. Additionally, you can visit the official website of Furrow Books for more information, by clicking here.

Stay tuned for more updates as Furrow Books "sprouts" into action!

All images credit to Furrow Books.

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