Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Road Goes Ever On And On

This blog has existed for a mere two days, yet it is already evolving. Change is a natural process, and change occurs in order than a being or concept might better synchronize with its environment. Such happens to be the case here.

"Well...okay..." says the reader. "So what does that mean?"

In reality, very few changes will be made to what (little) already exists. Lego, fountain pens, and tea will remain the primary topics of this blog. The photoblogging of these subjects will also continue; however, the content will be expanded to include such things as relevant projects and reviews of (hopefully) awesome products and experiences. Those reviews will probably center mainly upon the "Create" and "Write" portions of this blog. As for the "Drink," my reviews of tea may be read at It's All About The Leaf, and my personal tea log is here, on Steepster.

I hope you enjoy everything that is to come from Built from Ink and Tea.

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