Monday, October 8, 2012

Built from Ink and Tea

And it was said, "Let there be yet another photography blog upon the Internet." And, thus, it was so.

What makes this one different from the others? The photographs for this blog, as referenced in the title, "Built from Ink and Tea," and in the URL,, will be compose primarily, if not entirely, of Lego, fountain pens, and tea. Sometimes, it will be all three. Sometimes, it will only be one or two. Sometimes, there may be "guest subjects." Always, there will be at least one of the three, and there will always be a clever caption, so long as I can develop one. 

The goal will be to shoot (see what I did there?) for weekly updates. Hopefully, at the least, the updates will be weekly, if not more frequent. Update number one will be forthcoming, soon!

So long as these photos continue to bring a smile to the faces of those who see them, there is success.

Enjoy and thank you for following!

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