Friday, October 12, 2012

The Case Of The Exploding Pen

Yesterday afternoon featured an incident that I thought ought to be shared. Thankfully, a pen did not literally least not in the typical sense. I have a Platinum Preppy that has been converted to an eyedropper-fill. Additionally, I replaced the fountain pen nib with a rollerball nib some time ago.

I had decided, yesterday, that I wanted to replace the rollerball tip with the fountain pen nib, a process that is relatively easy and, in an empty pen, absolutely clean. However, being an eyedropper conversion, this pen still had quite a bit of ink in it, which I was not anxious to empty and refill, before and after the tip replacement process.

The rollerball tip was easy enough to remove, and I shortly began inserting the fountain pen nib and feed into the collector. Holding the pen upright to prevent any spills, all was going well and the nib was almost entirely inserted. All that remained was to push it the last few millimeters, when it would click into place. I gave it a bit more pressure, still gently, to lock it into the collector...and immediately recoiled as a small shower of ink speckled the left side of my face from cheekbone to forehead.

The moral of this story: Do not look too closely when dealing with "live" ink. An object forced into an area where there is ink has a good chance of displacing the ink.

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