Saturday, October 13, 2012

Current Desk Pens

Today, I thought it would be fun to share the pens that I typically have upon my desk. These are usually pens that I enjoy using on a regular basis but, for one reason or another, I do not want to carry with me.

From left to right, pen, nib size, and ink:
  • Baoer #3018 Black Sonnet, fine nib - Mont Blanc Toffee Brown
  • Parker Urban GT, medium nib - Parker Blue
  • Parker Urban gel pen - Black ink
    • Not a great writer, but it looks nice and fits with its neighbors
  • Parker Urban rollerball pen - Black ink
  • Bic Disposable Fountain Pen, medium nib - Bic Black
    • This used to be a pocket carry pen until the cap started to crack, causing it to come off at random
    • The cheap plastic clip broke after a few weeks of carrying it
    • The plan is to strip it of all paint and writing and attempt to refill it
  • Rotring Core "Tanakor," XL nib (essentially a broad) - Custom 1:1 blend of Noodler's Dragon's Napalm and Noodler's Red-black
    • Sometimes a pocket carry, its size can make this difficult
  • Baoer Skywalker, medium nib - Just cleaned and not yet refilled
  • (Not pictured) Personalized Waterford Marquis Claria, medium nib - Noodler's X-Feather

The eight-pen stand is sold exclusively by Todd at isellpens. (To which I have no affiliation.) I highly recommend his website as a great source of fountain pens and accessories.

Questions? Comments? Feel free to post below!


  1. Is there any chance we could see an example of each pen's writing next to the pen?