Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Tea Review Tuesday - A Review of Pique Tea's Jasmine Tea Crystals (in Our New Format!)

We at Built from Ink and Tea are incredibly excited to be returning to you all with more reviews! During our time away, we brainstormed new ways to bring you content, and this will lead to some good changes around the site. The first of these changes can be seen in the below review with the handwritten content! Given that Built from Ink and Tea covers ink and writing instruments, it seemed only fitting to continue the merger of writing and tea-drinking in this manner. While reviews will initially be posted with the handwritten content, we will also be transcribing them, as we understand that some of you enjoy our content from mobile devices, where it might be difficult to read the photos. (Edit: Scroll down for the transcript!) Please share any feedback you might have about our new handwritten reviews in the comments section, below!

Transcribed review:
A Review of Pique’s Jasmine Tea Crystals

At the 2016 San Francisco International Tea Festival, I talked with folks from Pique, a company with a fascinating new product -- crystallized tea! With their product, tea could be easily had with a minimal amount of equipment or leftovers. I had the opportunity to try three of their teas and I now bring you a review of the first.

Jasmine green tea was one of the first teas I ever tried, and for many years I drank it daily. Getting back to that, I started carrying some Pique Jasmine Tea Crystals in my work bag for use during client visits. Preparing the tea is as easy as pouring the contents of the packet into a mug and topping with a cup of water, heated for green tea (about 175℉). Then wait…

The resulting cup of tea sends out a blast of jasmine aroma. You only need wait a few moments for the crystals to dissolve before drinking. The strong floral notes smell just as if you had steeped the tea with good leaves and jasmine petals. The underlying notes of green tea are strong and solid, present but not overwhelmed by or competing with the jasmine.

Flavor-wise, the tea tastes very strong. I could have used 12 ounces of water instead of 8 ounces, and I feel I would have gotten good results. Despite the strength, it has only a touch of bitterness, possibly from the jasmine. The clarify, it does not taste bad in any way -- this is very drinkable. Flavors of jasmine are very prominent, floating up into the nose with every sip. Green tea notes rest on the tongue leaving a pleasant and moderately-strong aftertaste.

In conclusion, I highly recommend trying Pique’s Jasmine Tea Crystals. They are super convenient in size, easy to use, and delicious in aroma and flavor. On my personal enjoyment scale, I would rate them a 4 out of 5.

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