Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Tea Review Tuesday - A Review of Republic of Tea's Brain Boost Green Tea

On this Tuesday morning, we felt we needed a boost to our brainpower (lots of work to finish before the holiday, here in the United States!), so our tea to review was Brain Boost SuperGreen Tea Bags from Republic of Tea. Combining ginko biloba and black currant with a blend of matcha and green tea, this tea was designed to benefit the mind and the body in one tasty cup.

I steeped a single tea bag in eight ounces of water for three minutes. The water had been boiled and then let cool for about ten minutes. You can also follow Republic of Tea's recommendation for water "just short of boiling," but I like to let my water fully boil and then cool from there.

The dry teabags smell heavily of black currant, a sharp and sweet aroma that really dominates the scent. Steeped, the tea smells much more subdued, an even blend of the black currant, some green tea, and what I assume is ginko biloba (a faint herbal aroma).

Unlike the smell, this tea does not taste subdued. My first sip is a juicy hit of black currant. Whereas the black currant had smelled sharp and almost bitter, the flavor was smooth and sweet. There are some herbal notes in the flavor from the ginko biloba, but they are minor. The green tea is pleasant, though not strong, mostly providing background notes of flavor.

On my personal enjoyment scale, I would rate this tea a 4. This could be a great daily-drinking tea for someone who wants a bit of fruity fun and a green tea to have on a regular basis. The flavor certainly does not get old!

Photo credit to Built from Ink and Tea.
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