Friday, August 26, 2016

On the Difference in Feeling between Poe and Dante...

This week, while reviewing Adagio's Pu Erh Poe, I began rambling about the difference in how that tea felt from last week's review of Adagio's Pu Erh Dante. While it may have been nothing more than rambling, I felt that it seemed fitting to preserve that writing under a separate post, giving it the sadly-under-used tag, "teadrunk-en rambles."

Taken from my review of Adagio's Pu Erh Poe:
This may seem like a strange differentiation, but it is here that I think I might have hit upon the main difference between Pu Erh Poe (this tea) and Pu Erh Dante (last week's tea). Poe feels "woodsy," while Dante felt "foresty." The distinction is hard for me to put into woods, but let me try. Dante felt like a walk in a forest after a rain, all dark greens and browns everywhere, damp aromas filling the air, running the spectrum from deep and wet-earthy to high and sweet and wet-mushroom-like. Poe feels like laying on the earth, deep in some woods, surrounded by silence, a dryness filling the air, while the smell of soil and trees and a distant meadow of flowers reaches the nose, the body shrouded in an invisible blanket of stillness and of "presence."

Text is copyright 2016, Built from Ink and Tea.


  1. Great post! I'm glad you captured it here, and caught my attention. Those distictions can be so hard to make, and the language of describing puerh seems particularly elusive. You've left me interested in trying both!

    1. Thanks for reading, Harry! I completely agree about the elusiveness in describing pu'erh; often that language tends to wax poetic in an attempt to describe a feeling.