Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Tea Review Tuesday - A Review of DavidsTea's Oolong Supreme Tea

Typically, I like to brew tea in traditional methods. For an oolong, I might usually use a gaiwan or small yixing pot with a high leaf-to-water ratio and short steep times, leading to multiple infusions and flavors that evolve over time. When drinking today's tea, DavidsTea's Oolong Supreme, at home, I recommend using a gaiwan to experience the full flavor spectrum. However, as DavidsTea gives directions for a more western-style brewing, that the method we will follow for this review!

DavidsTea says that their Supreme Oolong is a "dan cong" oolong, a term which once referred to an extremely high quality oolong from Guangdong Province in China, but is now being used more generically for teas from that region. The tightly-curled leaves give-off deep roasted aromas that have a dark fruit smell to them. DavidsTea describes it as "ripe plum." That seems about right to me!

After brewing about a teaspoon and a half in twelve ounces of water that is not quite boiling temperature for five minutes, a pale golden brew fills the cup. Soft, roasted aromas waft from the tea, but they seem weak. It smells as though there are some sweet, fruit-like hints hidden in the background. I take a sip and am surprised by how much natural sweetness tinges the flavor. The flavors taste roasted, a bit vegetal, and a bit like clean air and fresh rain.

I did not feel that DavidsTea's Supreme Oolong was a good value. For the price, the flavors and aromas were just not as full as I would have expected. On my personal enjoyment scale, I would rate this tea a 3.

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