Monday, May 2, 2016

An Update to My Whispering Pines Evergreen Spice Review

Back when I had written about refining my personal enjoyment scale, a reader had asked me, if I planned to retroactively apply the new scale to past tea reviews. While I responded that I did not, and at this time I still do not (at least planned), I wanted to share some feelings that I had this past weekend.

I stood in my kitchen, brewing myself a pot of tea. I had been desiring something refreshing, cooling, and flavorful, yet not fruity. Whispering Pines Tea's Evergreen Spice Oolong was chosen for the occasion, and it was with pleasure that I started it steeping, using the last of the package that I had.

As I watched the tea brew, the leaves releasing their delicious flavors, I contemplated Evergreen Spice, which I had reviewed, here. I did not recall what I had rated it, but I felt saddened that the container was empty. Referencing my new personal enjoyment scale, this would have given Evergreen Spice at lease a 4. And yet, I felt more strongly about it than just a 4. This seemed to be a tea that I always wanted to have on hand, whether to enjoy alone or share with others. For that reason, on my new personal enjoyment scale, I would rate Whispering Pines Tea's Evergreen Spice Oolong a 5. The enjoyment I received from drinking it and experiencing all it had to offer was something I want to have again and again.

My prior review of Evergreen Spice can be found, here.
Whispering Pines Tea's Evergreen Spice is available from their website, here.
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