Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Tea Review Tuesday - A Review of DavidsTea's Banana Nut Bread Fruit Infusion

DavidsTea features a new tea, each month, as their Tea of the Month, and the honor for November goes to Banana Nut Bread, a fruit infusion that had been discontinued and then brought back by popular demand. To me, this blend sounds like it would be difficult to replicate the bread aspect without actually including bread or wheat-based product in the mix.

As this blend does not contain tea, the recommendation is to steep it for four to seven minutes, using just-boiled water. Normally, I try to steep halfway between the recommendations, but for this blend, I decide to steep for a full seven minutes to get the most intense flavors possible.

While my tea steeps, I shake the bag of fruit blend and inspect the contents. While I did not get any dried banana slices in my bag, I saw that there were many in the container at the shop. Pieces of date and currant are prominent, and the mixture is filled with a plethora of chopped almonds, which seem to flavor tea better than walnuts (despite walnuts being traditional to banana nut bread).

The aroma is spot-on. Doughy, full of ripe banana smell, and sweet; this cup smells like breakfasts from my childhood. And the taste? Initial impressions are that it tastes very sweet. This is noticeable from the moment the liquid touches the tongue. The sweetness does not negatively contribute to the flavor, but it seems to be a bit sweeter than I recall banana bread. The body of the flavor maintains the bread and bananas combination impressively well. In fact, it almost perfectly matches the aroma. The sweetness melds with the other flavors and provides a very smooth cup.

I really did not think I was going to enjoy this. It intrigued me with its uniqueness, but I figured it might just be another strange attempt at emulating food (like a pineapple bacon rooibos I once tried). DavidsTea did an excellent job of crafting this one, and it might just be the cup that satisfies, next time I have a sweet tooth. On my personal enjoyment scale, I would rate this an 86/100.

Photo credit to Built from Ink and Tea.
DavidsTea's Banana Nut Bread is available from their website, here, and in DavidsTea retail stores.
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