Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Pen Rest - A Kickstarter worthy of your pens

Today, I want to share an in-progress Kickstarter project with you from David Frieslander: The Pen Rest.

At its core, The Pen Rest strives to solve a problem that seems to plague many of us with desks - the pens always seem to get lost, whether in the shuffle of papers or at the bottom of a drawer. Sure, these pens may have their own special place on the desk, but what makes that placement stand-out and avoid being overwhelmed by our work or projects? Enter The Pen Rest. The name speaks to its heart: providing a safe home for your in-use pens or pencils. And yet, it is so much more. From the stackable aspect, allowing you to create a veritable tower of rests, to the sleek top, capping your single or multiple rests with smooth sleekness, The Pen Rest seeks to bring excellent design and class to your desk, verging upon - dare I say - art.

The options are simple: do you want silver rests or gold rests? Do you want a silver top or a gold top? Care for a mix? Not a problem, as all of the rests and tops are interchangeable. You choose what will most fit your decor.

In the final two weeks of their campaign, I want to urge you to share this project and back it yourself, if you feel inclined to do so. They are still working toward their goal, and having spoken with David myself, I know that a lot of design work has gone into these pieces. The Pen Rest brings form and function together in a sturdy and practical model. Click here to learn more!

Photo credit to David Frieslander. Used with permission.
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