Friday, March 6, 2015

Taiwanese Oolongs for All! An Introduction to Tea Ave

The wonderful folks of Tea Ave have a passion for oolong.
On March 1, 2015, Tea Ave announced their official opening of business. In their words, "Our goal at Tea Ave is to help tea lovers everywhere elevate their oolong experience by offering authentic advice, brewing tips, and top-notch oolong teas." They made it their goal to bring the best Taiwanese oolongs to the world.

With a singular focus like Tawainese oolong, Tea Ave has allowed themselves the room necessary to become experts in their chosen discipline. However, do not mistake them for just another company with only a couple of offerings. In seeking after the best oolong that Taiwan has to offer, the folks at Tea Ave have discovered marvelous teas that cover a broad range of flavors, showcasing the depth and variety that can be experienced within a single tea variety from a single region. Pairing with this, they are also offering quality teaware for use in your steeping and enjoyment of oolong and other teas.

Over the next several weeks, I will be sharing my thoughts on some of the delicious offerings by Tea Ave. It is my hope that these will provide good insight to the world of Taiwanese oolongs and the goodness that Tea Ave brings to the tea industry. I look forward to hearing your thoughts, too!

Where should you start? Their website can be found here. I also recommend reading their introductory blog post, found here. Their store is well laid out with clearly-defined sections for straight oolong, scented oolong, and teaware. If you are interested in following them on Twitter, go here.

Photo credit to Tea Ave.
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