Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Tea Review Tuesday - A Review of DavidsTea's Cold Zing Green Tea

'Tis the season for head colds, and, having recently recovered from one myself, I felt this would be the opportune time to share with you a review of DavidsTea's Cold Zing green tea. With soothing lemongrass and peppermint, this tea endeavors to calm the body. Yet, invigorating eleuthero root and the green tea will provide the energy necessary to survive a day with the cold, wherever your day takes you. Finally, echinacea steps-in to help fight against the cold itself and boost your body's defenses. Sounds like a powerful combination, but how does it taste?

I notice that the packaging saws it includes orange, plus natural lime flavoring. Anticipating tangy or tart, I am not disappointed. The dry leaf mixture is a heady combination of both. Some of the lemongrass and peppermint peek through the dry aroma in the background, but the citrus definitely smells strong. Even during steeping, the aroma ratio remains much the same, though now the lime has been calmed a bit by the hot water, and three and a half minutes later, my two-cup teapot is ready to go! (I used about three teaspoons of tea, total.)

The tea itself brews a pale green color. I take a sniff...and everything smells so different, now, compared to when it was brewing. Gone are the overwhelming aromas, subdued now to be more balanced. The citrus and lemongrass are evenly matched with the smell of one of the other ingredients, which I cannot quite identify. Yet, it is nonetheless a pleasing fragrance. I tend to stray from lime-smelling teas, but this one neither smells heavily of it, nor of orange. Both citrus simply play their part in smoothing the aromas of the cup...and the flavor, too.

Cold Zing tastes pleasant. The flavors are incredibly smooth with the citrus notes being very forward. However, the body seems a true mixture of all the flavors. Lemongrass is prominent, while peppermint sits in the background. Notes of what I assume are echinacea and/or eleuthero root are noticeable in the body, too, though I cannot quite tell, which is which. There is a very slight medicinal, herb flavor to the tea. Yet, after the first cup, I am still enjoying the pleasant and smooth flavors. It is as though DavidsTea had the sick tea-drinker in mind and wanted to make this cup go down as easily as possible, soothing sore throats along the way. On my personal enjoyment scale, I would rate this tea an 83/100.

Photo credit to Built from Ink and Tea.
DavidsTea's Cold Zing is available, by itself, in-stores and as part of the Cold Relief Day pack on their website, here.
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