Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tea Review Tuesday - A Review of Canton Tea Co's 2006 Fu Hai 7576 Pu'erh Tea

Just a quick review, today, of something from my cup...

Canton Tea Co's 2006 Fu Hai 7576 is a cooked pu'erh that arrived in cake form. The dry leaves smell delectably loamy and full of forest-y scents. After rinsing the leaves, I perform the first thirty-second infusion. This first infusion impresses greatly. Quite smooth with just a tad of subtle roughness. The leaves are just beginning to release their flavors. The second thirty-second infusion loses the rough edge but remains much the same, flavor-wise.

Infusion number three, same guidelines, gains a more full body. The wood tones are rich and smooth. The fourth infusion is much the same. After eight infusions, the flavors slowly begin to give out. This tea was an amazing experience to drink. On my personal enjoyment scale, I rate it a 93/100.

Photo credit to Steepster.
Canton Tea Co's 2006 Fu Hai 7576 has sold out and is no longer available. Please visit Canton Tea Co's website for other great teas, here
As this tea is from the Meng Hai tea factory, it can be acquired under other labels from alternative sellers.
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