Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tea Review Tuesday - Shanti Tea's African Carnival Herbal Blend

Ah, this tea smells tasty. The aroma of the dried leaf is very fruity, if also a bit floral. There are some spicy tones as well. It would appear the mixture is composed of rooibos, rose petals, and perhaps some dried citrus, among other things.

For my first infusions, I steeped a teaspoon and a half of this for five minutes in a cup of just-boiled water. The Shanti Tea website does not give many details regarding this tea, but judging by the fact that it has rooibos, I decided on the tea measurement and steep times. The steeped cup smells of sweet fruit, with big hints of apricot and citrus of some sort. The impression of the first sip is...subdued. Quite a bit of lemon and orange flavors, but not a lot else that stands out. More sips bring out the rooibos and mixed fruit flavors. They blend quite well, and the tea makes for a pleasant evening cuppa.

On my personal enjoyment scale, I would rate this tea a 68/100.

This review was unsolicited an uncompensated.
Photo credit to Shanti Tea.
This tea may be found and purchased from the Shanti Tea website, here.

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