Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tea Review Tuesday & Unconventional Tea Reviews - A Review of Chocolate by Tea and All Its Splendour

Chocolate with tea in it...it is a delicious concept. Much better than most tea with chocolate in it, as my past experiences have told me. Before I started reviewing this chocolate by Tea and All Its Splendour, I "cleansed" my palate with a sip of some Fujian black tea. I then tasted each of the various chocolates, giving a bit of time in between each one to allow my taste buds to clear a bit. 

The first chocolate was Milk Chocolate Passionfruit Green Tea. This chocolate was very fruity tasting. I did not noticed much tea flavor  but I do think that chocolate and passionfruit is an excellent combination. 

Next up was the Milk Chocolate Earl Grey Tea. It certainly had more tea flavor than the Passionfruit chocolate. The typical Earl Grey bergamot flavour was not heavily present, nor overwhelming, for which I was grateful. I have tried other Earl Grey milk chocolates, and they all seemed to have far too much bergamot in them. 

The third chocolate I tried was the Milk Chocolate Chai Tea. The flavor of this chocolate was very creamy, but not very chai-tasting. The tastes of cloves and peppers, especially, were fairly prominent. 

Dark Chocolate Ginger Black Tea was next. Wow. I could taste the flavor of ginger before even biting into it. The flavors of ginger and dark chocolate combined to create a very sharp taste with a ginger-like lasting burn at the back of the throat. Surprisingly though, despite the description I just offered, this chocolate really was quite tasty. 

The last chocolate included was Dark Chocolate Raspberry Black Tea. This one was very smooth and creamy in texture and in flavor  The fruit flavor was not as strong as the passionfruit chocolate. However, the subtle raspberry flavor complemented the dark chocolate quite well. 

I would definitely recommend these chocolates to any chocolate or tea lover. These are delicious treats and the tea added to them complements them excellently.

Other chocolate in this line includes a White Belgian Chocolate with Matcha and Sencha.

These chocolates are available from various confectioners. You can visit the website of Tea and All Its Splendour, here, to find more information on acquiring these sweets.
This review was unsolicited and uncompensated. 
Photo credit to Tea and All Its Splendour

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