Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tea Review Tuesday - A Review of Canton Tea Co's Bai Lin Gong Fu Black Tea

The initial scent I get from this tea reminds me of a darjeeling...light and a bit spicy. In fact, this almost seems light enough to be a bit reminiscent of some green teas that I have had. Steeping it for three minutes with just-boiled water, I'm greeted with creamy aromas from the golden-brown liquor. Despite being a little too eager to try it, and burning my lip on the first sip, once I wait and get in a (safe) first sip, I am delighted by the result. This tea is indeed creamy, just as the Canton Tea Co website describes. I am not so sure about the caramel notes, but I suppose I could see where one might pick up hints of those. To me, this tea has just the slightest bit of a malty aftertaste, creating an impeccable flavor.

A resteep of this tea brings about a much-subdued, yet still flavorful  brew. This is most definitely one of the best black teas I have ever tasted. On my personal enjoyment scale, I would give it 90/100. On top of that, I would definitely recommend this as one of the must-try teas for lovers of black teas.

This review was unsolicited and uncompensated.
Canton Tea Co's Bai Lin Gong Fu has now been replaced with their Superior Bai Lin Gong Fu, which is available from their website, here.

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