Saturday, September 28, 2013

Stained Fingers on Saturday - A Special Review of Montblanc "Ink of Friendship" Turquoise Ink (Update: Not "Ink of Friendship")

Today is simply a day for special posts! I want to provide a bit of a shameless plug for all of you to visit your local Montblanc store, this weekend! At participating boutiques in North America, any customer who makes a purchase, this weekend, will be gifted with a sample of Montblanc's "Legend" cologne. Sounds like a great reason to restock some ink...

This ink sample came from a friend, who was wise to purchase a bottle, when they were readily available! While a bit too light for my daily writing, I have enjoyed using this for letter-writing and accenting my note-taking.

This post was unsolicited and uncompensated.

Update, April 9, 2014: Unfortunately, I learned that this ink is in fact not the Montblanc Ink of Friendship. Rather, it is simply the no-longer-produced Montblanc Turquoise. I am still thrilled to have gotten the opportunity to try this ink, and I have updated the review sheet, accordingly.

This scan was done on an HP Deskjet F4280 at 600dpi.
Note: Because these scans are done with a light emitting printer, actual colors will, more likely than not, be slightly darker than they may appear, here. The colors shown, here, are probably a bit more reminiscent of what the ink would be like under a bright light or if it were held up and viewed with a light behind it.

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