Friday, August 30, 2013

Pen(cil) Case Awesomeness from Nock Co. Coming Soon!

Hello, readers! I wanted to let you all know about Nock Co., a company that was just co-founded by Brad Dowdy, the author of the fabulous blog, The Pen Addict. His blog is great, and I am very excited to see where he takes Nock Co. As you can read from their website, Nock Co. aims to create the best pen cases possible for pen people. Having seen some of their prototype images, it is obvious to me that they are well on their way toward accomplishing that missing.

The most exciting product I have seen in their prototype photos would be the three-pen case with small notebook pocket. It appears to fold like a wallet, and I can just imagine the convenience of being able to slip that into a bag, backpack, or jacket pocket! Check it out:

Brad and his business partner, Jeffrey Bruckwicki, will be launching a Kickstarter project for their company, soon, but they are looking to start building interest, now! You can go to their website at and read their updates, as well as sign up to be notified, when their Kickstarter launches. Additionally, I will be posting updates here at Built from Ink and Tea and hopefully reviewing their products, once they are produced! Here are a couple more of their fabulous prototypes:

These images are used with permission from Nock Co.'s Instagram.

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