Thursday, June 6, 2013

Stained Fingers on Thursday - A Review of Noodler's Golden Brown Ink

For a while, I had a sort of "fling" with brown ink. Brown ink was the most fascinating thing ever, and I acquired several samples of various browns. After a while, the fascination waned, but this brown by Noodler's remained in a pen that traveled around in my on-the-go pen case. In thin nib strokes, it holds consistently, and its shading is a lot of fun. Definitely lighter than an ink like Montblanc Toffee Brown but still very usable in daily writing.

2013-10-29 EDIT: Updated with an additional pen.

This scan was done on an HP Deskjet F4280 at 600dpi.
Note: Because these scans are done with a light emitting printer, actual colors will, more likely than not, be slightly darker than they may appear, here. The colors shown, here, are probably a bit more reminiscent of what the ink would be like under a bright light or if it were held up and viewed with a light behind it.

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