Monday, April 22, 2013

The Grand TWSBI Review - Part 1. Introduction

Today, I have a fantastic endeavor for you - a multi-part review series! This multi-part series will attempt to encompass as may different aspects of TWSBI, as I can personally review. Additionally, further installments may be added later, based upon what products I have the chance to try. While I make this sound so very technical and precise, a fair disclaimer is that I believe I have been fully indoctrinated to the Cult of TWSBI, and there is no returning. (The Cult of TWSBI is the tongue-in-cheek name for enthusiasts and lovers of TWSBI products.) That being said, I shall keep these reviews as unbiased as possible, though forgive me, if I begin to sound like a TWSBI sales pitch.

Posts in the Grand TWSBI Review series, thus far:
  1. Introduction
  2. A Review of the TWSBI Diamond 530 Fountain Pen
  3. A Review of the TWSBI Diamond 540 Fountain Pen
  4. A Review of the TWSBI Tri-Tech iSmart Multifunction Pen
  5. A Review of the TWSBI Diamond 540 ROC 100 Fountain Pen (Coming soon!)
  6. A Review of the TWSBI Diamond 580 Fountain Pen (Coming soon!)
  7. A Review of the TWSBI Diamond Mini Fountain Pen (Coming soon!)
  8. A Review of the TWSBI Vac 700 Fountain Pen (Coming soon!)

(Click the titles to be taken to the post.)

I hope you enjoy this new content. I welcome your comments and suggestions!

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