Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tea Review Tuesday - A Review of Canton Tea Co's Alishan High Mountain Oolong

A Review of Canton Tea Co's Alishan High Mountain Oolong

When I opened the package on this tea, I noticed that the smell was wonderful. It was light and sweet in harmony with a flowery oolong smell.
The tightly rolled leaves ranged in color from mid-green to dark greenish brown. I steeped two cups of this tea first, and as it steeped, this tea smelled just as sweet, if not sweeter, than when the leaves were yet dry. In my small teapot, they began to quickly open and expand. The aroma became a bit deeper as it steeped longer, and after a few minutes, I poured the first cup.
The liquor was a lot lighter green than most oolongs I have had recently, which surprised me. Also, there was something now unique about the aroma. It smelled a bit like green tea mochi ice cream to me. The taste of the first cup was full, not very heavy, and definitely still carried those sweet tones with it. There was a playful deliciousness to this tea that made it somehow fun to drink and very enjoyable.
The second pot was just as delicious as the first, and the flavors began to mellow out the longer I drank this tea.
I would rate this tea an 80/100 on my personal enjoyment scale.

Canton Tea Co's Alishan High Mountain Oolong can be purchased from their website, here.
Photo Credit to Canton Tea Co.
This review was unsolicited and uncompensated.

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