Saturday, December 19, 2015

I Ink Therefore I Am

Here on Built from Ink and Tea, we dedicate our time to sharing our thoughts on products, helping you discover new items, and putting offerings to the test. For us, pens and ink are a lifestyle, and we have opinions what we use. The choices we make when refilling our pens, affect how we feel about that pen and how we use it.

You will start to occasionally see posts from us, tagged with "Ink/Think". These will not be regularly scheduled but will be prompted by our refilling and wanting to share that unique feeling of a freshly-filled pen with you! We hope you enjoy them and invite you to leave your thoughts in the comments section, below.

"As described in a post on the Montblanc fineliner body hack, I have been using Montblanc fineliner refills in my Pilot Metropolitan rollerball, and the experience has been great. Recently, my medium Mystery Black refill ran out, and I replaced it with a broad Amethyst Purple refill. Depending on your paper, the broad tip can be really broad and bleeding. On this Rhodia pad, it does just fine and presents a decently large line. The color, I like, but I cannot see myself using on a daily basis. Funny how this page started darker than it is now. Unfortunately, swapping to this refill has actually led me to use this pen much less than before."

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