Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tea Review Tuesday - A Review of DavidsTea's Pumpkin Chai Black Tea

Welcome to autumn (at least according to DavidsTea)! Here in northern California, it is still very warm, and it feels as though summer is hanging-on. However, I feel that a cup of chai is delicious, year-round (and can very easily be iced)! Today, we will be tasting DavidsTea's new (re-released) Pumpkin Chai, part of their fall collection for 2015. As I prefer my chai unsweetened and without milk (or substitute), our review will look along those lines.

My DavidsTea Perfect mug will be the vessel for this steeping adventure. Two teaspoons, five minutes of steep time, and twelve ounces of just-boiled water blend and steep to provide a spicy and sweet-smelling cup. The little orange pumpkin candies that were a part of the blend have dissolved into the tea, lending that sweetness that combines with the caramel that is in it. The aroma is definitely pumpkin and chai with undertones of cinnamon and clove. Much appreciated is the fact that the pumpkin and the chai flavors smell equal, each blending well with the other and not overwhelming the overall nose.

My first sip of the tea tastes like a malty black tea with just a tinge of sweetness. Then the pumpkin flavor comes-in. The pumpkin is strong enough to be consistent and leave a pleasant aftertaste, combined with the spices. Flavors of clove and pumpkin mostly comprise that aftertaste, which I enjoy, as it leaves a bit of sweet, lighter (than the flavor of the tea itself) flavor behind.

On my personal enjoyment scale, I would rate DavidsTea's Pumpkin Chai an 87/100. Pumpkin is a great flavor to have combined with chai, and I can see this making a great cold drink, too, whether with milk or without.

Photo credit to Built from Ink and Tea.
DavidsTea's Pumpkin Chai is available from their website, here. and in DavidsTea retail stores.
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