Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Tea Review Tuesday - A Review of Adagio Teas' Green Rooibos Bonita

Wow, the smells coming from the package of this rooibos truly tantalize the nose! Peach tones hit first, followed quickly by strawberry and orange aromas. In the dry blend, one can see pieces of orange peel, as well as marigold flowers, giving the blend a great visual appeal.

Two teaspoons, two cups of just-boiled water, and five minutes produce a pot of Green Rooibos Bonita. Strawberries and green rooibos dominate the smells, coming from my cup. The taste...well, each of the fruits is noticeable by itself, which is pleasant. Sometimes, I enjoy being able to identify all of the flavors in my cup. That said, they all blend quite well with a not-quite-tropical feel. Overall, the whole blend is quite subtle and light. I probably would tend to steep this longer than the recommended five minutes in order to pull more flavor from the leaves and fruit.

Green Rooibos Bonita made for a tasty cup, but I would have liked the flavors to be less subtle. It makes me wonder how the blend would taste, if red rooibos were used as the base. On my personal enjoyment scale, I would rate Green Rooibos Bonita a 75/100.

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Adagio Teas Green Rooibos Bonita is available from their website, here.
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